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Metro North Transmission Project: Coquitlam

To complete the Metro North Transmission project we are planning a new single circuit line.

What's new

An additional single circuit 230 kilovolt (kv) line will be installed on wooden H-frame structures within the existing right-of-way way (the land under and around our power lines) starting at Meridian Substation and heading north east through Port Moody and to the eastern boundary of Anmore.

Work is ongoing to determine the design and placement of the structures for safety and reliability of the new line.

This work is part of the Metro North Transmission Project.

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The right-of-way (the land under and around our power lines) is approximately 163 metres wide at its widest point and narrows to approximately 73 metres.

Trees will be removed to ensure the safety and security of this additional line. Studies are required to determine how many trees will need to be removed in this area.

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Metro North Transmission Project

This regional project is part of the Metro North Transmission Project that will build an additional 230 kilovolt (kV) transmission line(s) between Coquitlam and Vancouver.

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