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Metro North Transmission Project: Anmore

To complete the Metro North Transmission project we're using our existing right-of-way (the land under and around our power lines) in Anmore.

We are using our existing right-of-way (the land under and around our power lines) through the residential area of Anmore.

The design to date includes:

  • Three taller steel monopoles that support two 230 kV circuits to replace six existing wooden H-frame structures (totaling 13 poles), reducing the total number of poles by 10.
  • Three existing monopoles, supporting two 230 kV circuits would remain in place with an added grounding wire.

Spence Way (looking east)

anmore-spence-way-before-fullwidth-660x372.jpg anmore-spence-way-after-fullwidth-660x372.jpg

Spence Way (looking west)

anmore-spence-way-west-before-fullwidth-660x372.jpg anmore-spence-way-west-after-fullwidth-660x372.jpg

Fern Drive

fern-drive-before-fullwidth-660x372.jpg fern-drive-after-fullwidth-660x372.jpg

Legget Drive

leggett-drive-before-fullwidth-660x372.jpg leggett-drive-after-fullwidth-660x372.jpg

This work is part of the Metro North Transmission Project.

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While our right-of-way way (the land under and around our power lines) in Anmore doesn't include the rights to place the lines underground, we did investigate whether the option would be possible and what the costs would be.

The report noted that the underground option using our right-of-way would be both overly technically challenging, require blasting, and could encroach on private land.

We also investigated building underground in local streets, but it was 3.5 to 4 times more costly, and would leave three existing transmission lines overhead. Building underground would also require building two large termination stations along the right-of-way.

It would be difficult for us to justify the significant cost increase to underground the line when there is sufficient space in the existing right-of-way for an overhead line.

We're looking for ways to reduce potential impacts to properties along the right-of-way. This includes:

  • Compressing the construction schedule where possible to ensure the majority of work takes place over a short period of time.
  • Minimizing the amount of new infrastructure that will be built along the existing right-of-way.
  • Hiring a landscape architect to develop landscape and restoration plans to restore affected properties.

The electric field levels won't change. More specifically, the magnetic field levels at the northern right-of-way edge will decrease and there will be no material change in the magnetic field at the southern right-of-way edge.

We'll arrange the new lines to allow some magnetic field emissions from the wires to cancel each other out. This will decrease the overall magnetic field levels around the right-of-way (the land under and around our power lines) corridor.

Reports & documents

Anmore open house QA summary [PDF, 462 KB]

Anmore EMF profiles report [PDF, 843 KB]

Anmore magnetic fields profile [PDF, 199 KB]

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Metro North Transmission Project

This regional project is part of the Metro North Transmission Project that will build an additional 230 kilovolt (kV) transmission line(s) between Coquitlam and Vancouver.

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