John Hart: Consultation and approvals

Image of John Hart Generating Station

Consultation on John Hart continues

We’ve engaged the Campbell River community for about seven years. The potential impacts of construction, such as vegetation disturbance zones and work near riparian areas, were discussed at length. As we now move into the construction phase of the John Hart Generating Station replacement we will continue our open community engagment.

DFO issues authorization for John Hart project

In January 2013, we received a letter from Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) advising that Fisheries Act authorizations were to be issued.

This was based on our 2012 Environmental Assessment Report in which we determined that the John Hart Generating Station replacement project would have no significant adverse biophysical or socio-economic effects.

In fact, the project has two long-term environmental benefits:

  • If the generating station stops working, a new water bypass facility will allow water to continue to flow, preserving habitat for fish.
  • Three existing pipelines, at 3.66 metres in diameter and which are 1.8 kilometres long, will be removed and re-forested, reducing our environmental footprint in the area.

Elk Falls Provincial Park boundary adjustment now official

In 1946, a portion of Elk Falls Provincial Park was set aside for construction of the John Hart hydroelectric project. That means that the replacement project that is now underway is surrounded by the park.

Park boundaries needed to be adjusted to allow for the construction. This required an Act of the provincial Legislature, which was finalized at the end of March 2013.

We’re committed to making Elk Falls Provincial Park bigger after the replacement project is complete, which will be completed by transferring some BC Hydro land beside the park boundaries to BC Parks.