John Hart: Schedule and activities

Image of aerial view of John Hart Generating Station

Major construction work nearing completion

The construction of the John Hart project began in summer 2014.

The project is currently tracking on schedule and on budget to have the new generating station commissioned in fall 2018. Water will be flowing through the underground tunnels in spring 2018.

In June 2017, about 500 people were working on the construction site with the majority being local workers. Currently there are around 300 people working. The project just surpassed 2.89 million hours worked without a lost time accident. The number of people at the site will trend downward towards completion. Over 100 vendors on Vancouver Island are being used to supply services to the project, with about 90 local companies providing supplies and services to date.

Road closures, traffic changes and parking

Brewster Lake Road across the John Hart dam, after being closed for three years, will be opened on April 30, 2018.

Woodstave Road, just off Brewster Lake Road by Highway 28, will remain the only access road leading to Elk Falls Provincial Park. It terminates at a parking lot where there is an interpretive centre and trail that leads to Elk Falls and the suspension bridge.

Changes to hiking trails

  • A new trail, Station View Trail, travels around the construction area, and is coordinated to be an extension to the Canyon View Trail loop.
  • A new trail leads from the parking lot at the end of Woodstave Road into Elk Falls Provincial Park.

Monthly construction reports