ILM: Consultation and approvals

Nicola Valley

Keeping you informed is our priority

We provided ongoing communications with stakeholders, the public, and First Nations during the planning phases of the Interior to Lower Mainland (ILM) project.

This commitment continued during the construction phase as we kept property owners and the public informed about project activities that may have affected them through this website, emails, notices, and advertisements in the local papers.

First Nations engagement

Our Aboriginal Relations department led the engagement of First Nations. First Nations were presented with the opportunity to participate in the broader public consultation process, but were also directly engaged to be informed of the project and to identify potential impacts it may have had on their interests.

Regulatory approval

See the full regulatory history of the project in the BCUC Reconsideration of the ILM project.

Environmental approval

In June 2009, an Environmental Assessment Certificate [PDF, 2.1 MB] for the ILM project was granted under the B.C. Environmental Assessment Act.

Route Selection Process

Property owners, First Nations, government agencies and the public had the opportunity to provide input into the route selection process.

See consultation materials and presentations.