Camosun Substation Upgrade Project

Substation requires upgrades for now and the future

To continue to reliably meet the growing demand for electricity in Vancouver we're upgrading Camosun Substation. The substation was built in the 1960's is reaching capacity and some components need replacement. At the same time, significant upgrades are being made to support the growth and development at the University of British Columbia's Vancouver campus and surrounding community and the upgrades will improve safety for our workers that maintain the system. That is why we are investing in the substation now.

The substation is located in a residential area beside Pacific Spirit Regional Park.


The substation is an integral part of our whole electricity system in the Lower Mainland and serves over 23,500 homes and businesses west of Blenheim Street.

We'll be expanding the operations of the substation onto the vacant space inside the existing fence on the west side of the property. The work will include:

  • Replacing several old components and adding new equipment including two transformers within the substation fence.
  • Constructing a new building on the northeast corner of the substation to house new electrical equipment.
  • Replacing two steel structures located along the trail adjacent to the northeast corner of the substation with wood poles.
  • Re-routing some above-ground electric connections in and out of the substation.
  • Replacing the existing perimeter chain-link fence.
  • Adding a new fire hydrant (outside the northeast corner of the substation) and an access gate to support improved fire response.

We'll be carrying out some vegetation management work along the access trails outside the substation so that we can safely move in equipment and materials during the project.

Camosun Substation Upgrade Project

We're also working with Metro Vancouver Parks and the City of Vancouver to look at how we might be able to improve and realign a section of the trail along the north side of the substation that connects to the Camosun and Top trails.

Construction Activity Timing
Design of substation upgrade
Vegetation management work begins June 2018
Site preparation and set up for project July 2018
Construction start Late 2018
Project completed Late 2020

Contact information
604 623 4472