Distribution Generator Interconnections

If you're a generator owner, independent power producer (IPP) or a customer with a generator (e.g. a pulp mill adding or replacing a generator) we offer interconnection services (up to 35kV) so you can connect to the BC Hydro grid. This can be done whether you intend to sell the electricity you generate to BC Hydro or just synchronize your generator to our network.

We'll assist in determining the best interconnection process for you, depending on your site location and proposed power output of the generator.

For interconnections over 35kV and information on our wholesale transmission service, see transmission generator interconnections.

Connection process overview

Requests for interconnection are done on a first-come, first-served basis. Each interconnection request is reviewed for technical compatibility to ensure the proposed generator is able to be connected. We'll also assess the impact of the proposed generator on our system and facilities.

The general interconnection process for generator owners or independent power producers is outlined in the following five steps. Please note that there may be slight variations in the process for specific BC Hydro competitive electricity acquisition activities.

  1. Basic distribution system information request
  2. Screening study (recommended but optional)
  3. System impact study
  4. Facilities study
  5. Distribution generator interconnection agreement

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Technical requirements

Distribution micro-generator projects

We define a distribution generator micro-project as one that intends to add over 100 kW and up to 1 MW into the distribution system. Once you have successfully completed the basic distribution information request and screening study for your proposed micro-project, you may submit a completed distribution micro-generator project design stage application form along with a $7500 deposit.

Temporary transfer of load, closed transition transfer

If you have a generator you're looking to connect to our grid for the purpose of temporarily transferring load to/from standby generation to/from BC Hydro, or closed transition transfer, please see the following information.

Closed Transition Transfer (CTT) of standby generators:

Revenue metering requirements

For details about revenue metering requirements, please go to our technical standards and guides.

How to reach us

Please connect with us before beginning your generator interconnection process so that we can help your proposed project move forward.

Email: distribution.generators@bchydro.com

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