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New and existing residential customers can start, cancel or move service all online with MyHydro. If you're a business customer, visit Move Your Business.

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Start service by opening a new BC Hydro account online with MyHydro.

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Cancel service online with MyHydro.
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Move service to another location within B.C. with MyHydro.
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Move online, enter to win

Use MyHydro to start, cancel or move your service between March 19 and May 30, 2014 and enter for a chance to win Power Smart prizes, courtesy of London Drugs. You could win a 46" Samsung LED TV, Apple iPad Air or Canon Powershot camera.

How to enter

Start, cancel or move your BC Hydro service online during the contest period and complete the contest entry form at the end of the moving process. Even if you are physically moving after May 30, 2014, you can still use MyHydro in advance to start, cancel or move service prior to your move date and still be eligible for the contest. See full contest details.


To start or move your service, you'll need your landlord's name and phone number. Your landlord can also confirm your tenancy.

Electrical service for new homes and properties

If you need BC Hydro service at a location that does not have an electrical connection (such as a new condo development, new vacation home or cabin), you will need to apply for a new electrical connection.