Manage your account online with MyHydro

Create a MyHydro Profile and link your account to get started. Already have a MyHydro Profile? Log in to MyHydro.

For new customers without an account, creating a MyHydro Profile is the first step to opening a new account online.

Billing and payments

You can pay your bill through online banking, pre-authorized withdrawals, or set up equal payments to even out your electricity costs throughout the year.

Move or cancel your service

Set up service at your new address in a few easy steps. If you're renting, make sure you have your landlord's name and contact information.

Construction and renovations: add or modify electrical connections

Electricity rates and energy use

The electricity rates that you pay are determined by whether you're using electricity at home or for your business, and how much electricity you use each year.

Get help

Ask a question about your bill or your BC Hydro account and how you can manage your account online. But for some inquiries, you'll need to call us.