Supplier contacts

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BC Hydro uses several tools to communicate with suppliers. This includes maintaining a list of frequently asked questions on our site, and making key contact information easy to find.

Key contacts

Issue Division Contact
Invoice and payment questions
Accounts Payable Help Desk

Ariba Network Account Issues and configuration

  • Need help setting up your account
  • You can't log into Ariba
  • You forgot your Ariba Password
Ariba Network Help Desk
  • 1 412 222 6153 (Canada)
  • 1 866 218 2155 (USA)


  • Early Payment Offers
  • eCommerce setup
eCommerce Team
An invoice is over 30 days and has not been paid  
  • Your BC Hydro Representative

For questions related to a specific competitive bid process or contract, please contact the Procurement Contact or Contract Contact listed in the respective documents.