Rights of way and corridors



Our electrical system relies on cleared corridors

The strips of land that make up BC Hydro's transmission rights of way and distribution corridors must be kept clear of tall-growing trees and vegetation for safety and service reliability. If left to grow, trees and other plants would encroach and even fall on power lines.

As a preventative measure, we clear trees and other tall-growing vegetation around structures and underneath lines.

To make sure our employees can safely and easily inspect, maintain, and repair our electrical system, we also maintain the trees, brush, and other plants around:

  • Access roads leading to rights of way or other BC Hydro facilities
  • Equipment storage sheds
  • Helicopter landing pads
  • Tower, wood pole, and other structure bases

Pest management plans

BC Hydro Pest Management Plans that deal with target vegetation along Transmission Line Rights-of-Ways and Distribution Corridors.