Safety training for first responders

Fire fighters in front of fire truck

Classroom training not currently available due to COVID-19

To keep our employees and training participants safe, we are not offering classroom training at this time due to COVID-19. If you have questions, you can contact the Electrical Energy Training Group by email or call 1 877 859 8228. Thank you for your understanding.

Learn how to face electrical hazards safely

BC Hydro offers free electrical safety awareness training for firefighters, police and ambulance personnel who face electrical hazards on the job.

Choose from taking an online course or classroom training.

Who should take the course

Firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and paramedics. We also offer firefighters a supplemental course specific to using equipment on the job.

What you'll learn

As a first responder, you often find yourself facing electrical hazards in emergency situations. Our free online electrical safety training will help you evaluate risks and make decisions to keep yourself and the public safe.

Some of the things you'll learn will include:

  • The basics of how electricity behaves
  • How to spot overhead and underground hazards
  • Safe distances and the risks of stepping and touching
  • What to do if equipment has contacted a power line
  • What to do if there is a downed power line
  • How to move people out of areas energized by a downed power line
  • For firefighters: Additional electrical safety training to address electrical hazards faced when using equipment

What you'll receive

  • Certificate of completion for taking BC Hydro's electrical safety training for first responders
  • For firefighters, an additional certificate for taking the supplemental BC Hydro's electrical safety training for fire fighters

First responders course details


  • Course length: 45 minutes
  • Computer and audio required
  • Course is free

Begin the online course


  • Course length: 2 hours
  • Locations available throughout BC; custom sessions can be arranged for your workplace or other location
  • Course is free

Note: Registration for classroom training is not currently available due to COVID-19.

Supplemental training course for firefighters

If you're a firefighter, we offer an additional online course specific to the electrical hazards you would encounter using equipment on the job.

  • Course length: 15 minutes
  • Computer and audio required
  • Course is free
  • You must take electrical safety training for first responders before taking the firefighter specific training

Take the firefighters training course