What to do when you see a downed power line

Down. Danger. Dial.


Fallen power lines are a danger. Know what to do.

This winter, Dave's here to help keep you and your family safe around electricity.



Do you know all the types of downed lines?

Whether it's a line on the ground, a tree on a line, or a broken crossarm, know what to do if you come across a downed power line this winter.



There's no way to tell if a fallen power line is live.

Damaged power lines may shower sparks on TV and in the movies, but in real life, there's no way to tell if a downed line is live. Don't take the chance.



If you see a downed line, stay back 10 metres.

A downed or damaged line isn’t just dangerous if you touch it: the ground and objects nearby can become energized. If you see one this winter, stay back to stay safe.



Car accidents can happen. If you hit a power pole or power line, know the steps to stay safe.

Wet and icy roads, high winds, and debris – the rate of car accidents can spike in winter months. If you hit a power pole, a transformer, or a power line, know how to keep yourself and passengers safe.



Your tires are no guarantee. Don't take the chance.

Just because they're made of the same material that insulates power lines and equipment doesn't mean you should trust your tires to keep you safe. So never try to drive over or past a downed power line.