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Self-serve Incentive Program

If you have an industrial customer with a lighting or compressed air (40 to 200 horsepower) project, Learn more

Important information about Power Smart program changes

Bonus offer for Self-Serve Incentive (SIP) projects

For a limited time, customers who apply for a SIP eligible lighting or compressed air (40 to 200 horsepower) project between July 16, 2014 and December 31, 2014, may receive the standard incentive and up to 25% additional incentive. Projects must be completed (submit online declaration and invoices) by March 31, 2015.
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Incentives for LED technologies

LED technology incentives will no longer be calculated at a flat rate in order to better align with current market pricing. This applies to Power Smart Partner Custom, Power Smart Express, and Self-Serve Incentive projects submitted on or after July 16, 2014.

Power Smart Express

Small and medium business customers will not require BC Hydro pre-approval on their projects from May 30, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. to October 31, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.

Incentives will only be confirmed once a project application has been submitted.

For more information, see:

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Power Smart Express training

For training on how to submit a Power Smart Express online application, visit alliancetraining.udutu.ca.


What is the Power Smart Alliance?

The Power Smart Alliance (Alliance) is a network of independent lighting, electrical and mechanical professionals who assist BC Hydro's industrial and commercial customers in identifying, investigating and implementing energy efficiency solutions.

Alliance members are knowledgeable about Power Smart programs and are trained to deliver the latest energy solutions. Members are drawn from manufacturers, distributors, contractors, consulting engineers, architects and other organizations focused on energy efficiency for industrial and commercial customers.

All members are screened to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements for their area of expertise and receive training from BC Hydro on the energy efficiency technology and trends. They help BC Hydro meet its conservation goals by implementing energy-saving initiatives that meet customers' needs and help them make smart investments.

Membership is free and open to all industry firms.

Membership benefits

Alliance member firms enjoy learning, promotional and business benefits, including:

  • Access to industry trends and innovations through participation in Power Smart events and industry trade shows
  • Recognition and exposure through association with the Power Smart brand
  • Ongoing learning opportunities to hone expertise and stay informed about the latest energy conservation technologies
  • Networking opportunities to develop and expand your professional network and customer base
  • Customer referrals for energy-efficiency projects with BC Hydro's customers through the Alliance's referral process

Learn more about the Alliance membership benefits [PDF, 67 KB]

Membership levels

Depending on the professional services your firm provides and your preferred level of engagement, firms can choose to register as a member or affiliate.

Want to become a member or affiliate? Learn more about the requirements and benefits of becoming a member or affiliate [PDF, 57 KB].

Already an Alliance member? Learn more about memberships requirements for your sector and the requirements to obtain bronze, silver, or gold level status. Log in to the Alliance website.


Industry professionals who work on energy efficient projects in B.C.'s industrial and commercial marketplace are welcome to register to join the Power Smart Alliance. Membership is free and renewable every two years.

To become a member, all industry firms must meet the sector-specific Alliance eligibility criteria [PDF, 71 KB] and register with the Alliance, whether they are new applicants or were previous members. Each industry sector has its own eligibility requirements and application form, which ensure that members have specific expertise and business qualifications. For more information about the Alliance or to learn more about registration and eligibility, please contact the Alliance.

Ready to apply?

New applicants – Members

There are three steps a firm and/or individual must complete when registering for Alliance membership:

1. Submit an application form for your sector.

2. Provide support documentation such as references or samples of works as requested in the sector specific application forms above. Send your form and documentation to BC Hydro.


Email Mail
Alliance@bchydro.com BC Hydro - Power Smart Alliance
Suite 900 - 4555 Kingsway
Burnaby, B.C., V5H 4T8

3. Sign Power Smart Agreement*

In addition to registering as an organization, all consulting firms must register those individuals who will be working on Power Smart projects. Firms can register additional individuals at any time during the membership period.

New applicants — Affiliates

To apply as an affiliate contact the Alliance for more details about eligibility criteria and the affiliate application process. Note that affiliates are not required to sign the Power Smart Alliance Agreement.


Alliance members and affiliate must confirm their membership every two years. Those who wish to renew must first demonstrate that over the two-year period they have met, at minimum, their basic required membership criteria

*The agreement is a short legal document that outlines the responsibilities of member firms and BC Hydro. It serves to formalize a firm's membership by specifying terms, benefits, requirements and conditions that accompany Alliance membership.

Customer referral requests

If you are a customer planning an energy-efficient project, the Power Smart Alliance can help you identify the best energy management solution for your facility. From lighting upgrades to smart heating, ventilation and refrigeration systems, the Alliance acts as a resource for you to access a network of approved industry firms.

If you would like a referral to members of the Power Smart Alliance, please complete the Referral Request Form.