Program qualified energy advisor

Start with an energy evaluation

If you don't know how to kick-start the renovation projects to improve your home's energy efficiency, hiring a licensed energy advisor is a good place to start. An energy advisor can perform an EnerGuide home evaluation to help you better understand the opportunities to improve your home's efficiency by examining it's air leakage, insulation, space and hot water heating, and ventilation. Your energy advisor will provide you with a full report with recommendations to improve your home's overall comfort and efficiency and help you qualify for rebates. Find a qualified energy advisor in your area.

Completing an EnerGuide home evaluation is mandatory for the draftproofing rebate and the $750 bonus.

Energy coach home evaluation rebate

The energy coach home evaluation rebate is funded by the Province of B.C. through the Innovative Clean Energy Fund financial contribution to support the use of program qualified energy advisors with basic training in energy coaching.

Receive a $150 rebate, when you complete an EnerGuide home evaluation with a program qualified energy advisor before and after completing your home upgrades.

Speak to a qualified energy advisor to learn more.

See all available rebates [PDF, 125 KB].

Additional rebates are available, see:

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