Lighting can cost you a lot: choose ENERGY STARĀ®

Residential lighting can account for up to 19 per cent of your average household electricity use, depending on whether your home is electrically heated.

That's why you should always look for ENERGY STARĀ® rated bulbs, along with the latest in energy-efficient fixtures and lighting controls, including dimmers & timers.

How to choose the right light bulb for you

  1. Look for the ENERGY STAR symbol, the international symbol of premium energy efficiency
  2. Determine the lumens (brightness) and colour you need
  3. Find the appropriate shape and usage for your application
  4. Look for ENERGY STAR fixtures designed specifically for your purpose

Use the LightRecycle program

Wondering what to do with your burnt-out lights? LightRecycle is a B.C. program keeping them out of the landfill and ensure safe recycling.

British Columbians can return used lights to a LightRecycle drop-off location for safe recycling.