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A row of electric vehicles plugged in

As affordability of EVs improves, there are greater options

Employers, building owners, and parking garage facilities are preparing for a future with electric vehicles. Install a charging station or add an EV to your fleet.

Electric fleets

Adding electric vehicles to your fleet can reduce fossil fuel use and emissions, and add to your overall energy efficiency.

To add an EV to your fleet, visit Green Fleets BC or call 1 888 703 5338.

Install a charging station

EV charging stations can help attract and retain employees, demonstrate your support for a cleaner environment, and increase fuel cost savings when changing from gas to electric fleets. If you want to install charging stations for employees or the public, you should consider the type of charging station you need, and where you’ll install it at your location.

Charging level

In addition to Level 1 and Level 2 charging, business customers have the option of installing a DC fast charge station. This is typically a commercial undertaking that involves significant investments because fast charging requires a 25 to 50 kW electrical service. But it can charge an EV battery in 20 to 30 minutes.

Site planning

We're working on resources that can help you with site planning, and we'll post them here as they become available.