Load management demonstration project

Image of aerial view of Mica Dam in winter

We're currently operating a series of projects to help us more efficiently manage electricity use during peak times in the winter. With our customers' help, we'll be testing a variety of technologies to reduce electricity use during times when people are using it the most. By managing these high times of use and being more energy-efficient, we're reducing the need for new infrastructure to be built around the province.

Current projects include:

  • Small business and residential water heater load controllers in Sidney and North Saanich
  • Large commercial and industrial demand response pilot on Vancouver Island and in the Lower Mainland

If you would like more information about the small business or residential projects, please contact our project coordinator, City Green Solutions at demo@citygreen.ca or call 250 381 9995.

If you are a large business, please contact your designated BC Hydro Key Account Manager for more information.