Load curtailment pilot

Load curtailment is a way for us to reduce peak electricity needs in the province by having our large, transmission customers shift their electricity usage to different times of the day. Doing so may help to relieve future constraints on our electricity grid as B.C.'s population and the demand for electricity continues to grow.

The pilot is designed to help us understand what motivates customers to participate, what they need from us, and how they benefit from reducing or shifting their power load. Participants will be testing the reliability, affordability, and viability of different tools and techniques such as adjusting production set-points, using automated controls, and changing work patterns to reduce their electricity usage during certain times of day. In exchange, participants can receive financial incentives for meeting certain targets.

For more information, including eligibility requirements see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Important dates

Proposal dates
Request for proposal issued October 14, 2016
Closing date October 31, 2016 at 4 p.m.
Proposal evaluation complete November 1, 2016
Project dates
Pilot agreements submission deadline November 7, 2016
Load curtailment seasons
Start date November 15, 2016
End date April 30, 2016