August 2015

3 inexpensive upgrades with an immediate effect BC Hydro: Power Smart
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August 2015
When energy advisor Ben Mills visits small-scale retailers, he almost always sees the same missteps: simple things that, if acted upon, could save operators money. If you work in non-food retail, read Mills' 5 ways to rein in your energy costs. Also, check out these 3 unbelievably easy – and inexpensive – efficiency upgrades and read the results of our reader survey (thanks for the feedback).
5 simple energy-saving ideas for non-food retailers

5 energy-saving ideas for non-food retailers

Energy advisor Ben Mills takes aim at the high cost of inefficient display lighting and shares a handful of ways non-food retailers can keep their energy costs under control.

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3 easy efficiency upgrades

3 easy efficiency upgrades

Eligible for a Power Smart incentive? Check. Easy to install? Check. Immediate energy savings? You bet. Learn more
Survey results and how we intend to improve

Survey results and how we intend to improve

Readers want to see more of a focus on energy efficient technologies. We'll be including more technology updates, profiles and expert interviews about new or emerging technology in future issues. Learn more

Also this month

Now eligible for incentives: LED retrofit kits

You don't have to choose between buying new lamps and replacing your fixtures entirely: new LED retrofit kits exist for fluorescent fixtures. Learn more

Pita Bread Factory saves 'dough' with energy efficiency projects

The Pita Bread Factory, which has grown from a small, modest startup to a major food processor is leaning on Power Smart incentives to take a big slice out of project payback periods. Learn more

BC Hydro rec sites: a top 10 'best of' breakdown

Camping, hiking, biking and fishing – you can experience all of the best that B.C. has to offer at stunning recreation areas and reservoirs. And to make things easier, we've rounded up the top 10, from Buntzen Lake to Bella Coola. Learn more
A free energy assessment
Our Energy Evaluator tool is easy to use and completely free. Answer a handful of questions about your business, and you'll get an energy management action plan.

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Phone scam update
The customer service team at BC Hydro receives hundreds of calls each day. Unfortunately, lately many of the calls have focused on one thing: a phone scam targeting small businesses across B.C.

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