What about EMF?

We recognize there is some public concern about electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and possible health effects. BC Hydro safely operates 37 substations in Metro Vancouver north of the Fraser, and over half are within 100 to 200 metres of busy public spaces such as parks, schools, or shopping centres.

When it comes to matters of health and electricity infrastructure, we rely on the independent research and findings of health authorities including Health Canada and the World Health Organization. Health Canada and the World Health Organization have confirmed that there is no evidence of any health risks from magnetic field measurements below the recognized exposure limit of 2,000 milligauss (shortened as mG) or 200 Microtesla (shortened as µT).

At Cathedral Square Park, above our existing underground substation in downtown Vancouver, measurements range from 2 mG to 100 mG (0.2 µT to 10 µT), or approximately 0.1 to 5% of these conservative exposure limits. For comparison, dishwashers and washing machines emit around 20 mG (2 µT), SkyTrain ranges between 10 and 200 mG (1 µT and 20 µT), and hairdryers and portable heaters emit around 300 mG (30 µT).