Substation Projects

Atchelitz substation

BC Hydro substations

BC Hydro owns, operates and maintains more than 300 substations throughout the province. Voltage is reduced at substations to provide power suitable for use in homes and businesses.

Substations built to ensure safety, reliability

BC Hydro regularly reviews its substation facilities to ensure they meet or exceed current safety and reliability requirements and ensure the electricity needs of our customers continue to be reliably met.

When appropriate, BC Hydro develops plans to maintain, upgrade, or build new substations to ensure we meet demand for electricity in communities across British Columbia.

What's the role of substations?

Substations are the link between the BC Hydro transmission system and the distribution system.

The transmission system delivers the power from where it is generated to the substations. Voltage is reduced at substations for business and residential use, then shared through distribution lines.

Our electricity system