Smart Metering Program

Upgraded metering helps ensure we meet your electricity needs

Since the summer of 2011, BC Hydro has been upgrading its metering system with smart meters. The upgraded system is an important step in modernizing our electricity system.

British Columbians are using more electricity than ever before and using it in new ways. When the grid was built 50 years ago, devices such as computers, big-screen TVs and smart phones weren’t around. In addition, technological advances in business and industry continue to increase the demand for electricity.

The upgraded metering system is helping to ensure we can meet your electricity needs, and it has enabled MyHydro tools that can help you save energy and money.



Benefits of smart meters

Smart meters are now standard BC Hydro equipment. More than 99 per cent of BC Hydro customers are now benefiting from a modern system.

The benefits of the new system include:

  • Helping keep rates low, by reducing electricity waste, improving theft detection, and increasing operational efficiencies. These savings are passed on to customers to help keep our rates among the lowest in North America.
  • Enabling new tools, such as MyHydro electricity tracking, to help you save energy and money.
    Most customers can now track their electricity use right down to the hour. Research shows that this information can help people save up to 15 per cent of their consumption, helping them save money on their bill.
  • Helping get the lights back on faster and more safely following power outages. Right now, if the power goes out we rely on customers to call and let us know. Once the new system is completed, automatic outage detection will let us know immediately – helping us find and fix the problem so we can restore your power faster and safer.
  • Supporting clean electricity technologies. Smart meters are helping to transform the electricity grid from a one-way system to a two-way system. They will support new technologies such as electric vehicles and small-scale sources of clean-energy generation, including solar panels.

How do smart meters work?

Smart metering technology works together to create a communications network.

  1. The meter records your electricity use on an hourly basis. This information is encrypted and stored securely within the meter.
  2. Three times a day the meter sends this information from meter to meter and then to a “collector”. These communications take just seconds a day.
  3. Collectors send the aggregated, encypted information back to BC Hydro.

BC Hydro meters are secure and safe. You can read more about security and safety in our FAQs.