Ruskin: Schedule and activities

Construction is underway

The upgrade of the Ruskin Dam and Powerhouse is expected to take about six years, and should be complete in 2017.

Description Dates
Seismic upgrades of the Right Bank 2012 - 2013
Dam upgrades including piers and spillway gates 2013 - 2017
Seismic upgrade of the powerhouse structure 2012 - 2013
Replacement of the powerhouse equipment 2013 - 2017
Relocation of the switchyard Sometime after 2014
Project completion and closeout 2017


Road closures and traffic changes

  • Hayward Street over Ruskin Dam, west of the Ruskin Recreation site, is closed to all motor vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.
  • Hayward Street, north of Keystone Avenue to Ruskin Dam, is closed. Local traffic is excepted.
  • Wilson Street, northbound lane, is closed. Wilson Street will be alternating, single-lane


  • Lower Railway parking lot, northwest of Ruskin Dam, is closed.
  • Upper Railway Trail parking lot will remain open.
  • Additional parking has been added at the Hayward Lake Reservoir parking lot south of the Stave Visitor Centre parking.

Recreation and hiking trail closures

  • Ruskin Recreation and picnic site is being used for construction, and is closed.
  • While the Hayward Street crossing of Ruskin Dam is closed, Loop Trail around the Hayward Lake Reservoir will not be a complete loop.
  • Reservoir Trail will be closed from Ruskin Dam to Hairsine Inlet. During construction, the trail can be accessed from the parking lot east of Blind Slough Dam at Stave Falls.
  • Railway Trail can be accessed from the Upper Railway parking lot or the Hayward Lake Reservoir recreation area.


Stave Falls and Ruskin Facilities Project Area Map