Merritt Area Transmission Project

Nicola Valley


Meeting Merritt’s electricity needs for years to come

Increased growth in the Merritt area is leading to increased demand for clean and reliable electricity.

To support this economic development, including new hotels, residential subdivisions, and a resort south of the city in the Coquihalla corridor, a new transmission line and substation upgrades are required.

What's new

The Merritt Area Transmission Project is under construction. Construction of a new, upgraded Merritt Substation is well underway, and clearing and access road construction for the transmission line has been ongoing since May. Transmission line construction began in early August. While conducting quality control inspections on the two transformers recently received for the new Merritt Substation, BC Hydro discovered they were both damaged and/or defective and need to be replaced. Due to the unique technical specifications and the long lead time for the manufacturing of this equipment, completion of the Merritt Substation (and overall project) will be delayed to October 2015.

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Fast facts

Where: In and around the community of Merritt, in the Nicola Valley

Timing: The proposed in-service date is 2015

Why: To meet the long-term electricity needs of the Merritt area for the next 30 years or more