ILM: What's happening

Image of snow-capped peak and transmission tower, Interior to Lower Mainland Transmission Project

A new transmission line and capacitor station

There are three main components [YouTube] to the Interior to Lower Mainland Transmission (ILM) Project:

  • A new 247 kilometer long transmission line between Nicola Substation, near Merritt, and Meridian Substation in Coquitlam. When the existing 500 kilovolt (kV) transmission line was constructed in the 1970s, additional right-of-way was acquired at that time in anticipation of future demand. Therefore the majority of the route will parallel an existing line.
  • A new capacitor station will be constructed on BC Hydro property at Ruby Creek, near Agassiz.
  • Nicola and Meridian substations will be upgraded to accommodate the new transmission line.

What’s a capacitor station?

As electricity moves along a lengthy transmission line like the ILM, the voltage drops. This limits the amount of electricity that can pass through the line. The equipment in the Ruby Creek Capacitor Station will help maintain the voltage levels in the transmission line, allowing more electricity to pass through the line and maintaining system stability.

Helicopters are being used

Helicopters are necessary to help deliver supplies and assist in erecting the transmission towers. We’re trying to minimize the disturbances to you from their use.

The contractor has obtained all necessary permits and permissions and is in compliance with Transport Canada regulations.

ILM project helicopter work [PDF, 351 KB]

ILM project map


The ILM Project includes building a new 247 kilometre long 500 kilovolt (kV) transmission that mostly parallels an existing line between the Nicola Substation near Merritt and the Meridian Substation in Coquitlam.