BC Hydro's System

Landscape photo of Mica Dam

Powering economic growth

BC Hydro provides high-value, reliable power to fuel economic growth in British Columbia. As one of the largest electric utilities in Canada, BC Hydro serves customers in an area containing over 94% of British Columbia's population.

A balance between energy demand and environmental concerns

BC Hydro is proud to provide a world-class hydroelectric system that efficiently supplies electricity to British Columbians at some of the lowest rates in North America.

Since 1961, we’ve undertaken some of the most ambitious hydroelectric projects in the world, such as large-scale dams on the Peace and Columbia rivers. As one of the largest electric utilities in Canada, we provide clean, sustainable power to over 94 per cent of B.C.’s population.

For over 20 years, we’ve generated power while being conscious of the environment.In 1989, we launched Power Smart to combat environmental impactconserve energy  and rising electricity demandby taking a new approach to power consumption: use it wisely.