Generating your own electricity

Generation options for homes, businesses

Our net metering program is designed for those who generate electricity for their own use. When you generate more than you need, you sell it to us. When you don't generate enough to meet your needs, you buy it from us.

When you sell to us, you get a bill credit towards your future electricity use. If you still have an excess credit at your anniversary date of joining the program, we'll pay you for the electricity at the rate of 9.99 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). It's that simple.

By the numbers

  • Since 2004, over 900 customers have been participating in our net metering program.
  • Over 95% of customers chose to install a solar photovoltaic system.
  • A typical home generally consumes 11,000 kWh/year. A typical solar installation on a residential roof is 4 kilowatt (kW) in size with 16 solar panels, which in B.C., generates 4,400 kWh of electricity over a year.
  • On average, solar systems of this size can cost about $17,500. Based on BC Hydro's current 10-year rate plan, payback on your investment is about 26 years.

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Who's eligible

All our customers who's electricity generators meet the following criteria are welcome to participate:

  • Be owned or leased by the customer
  • Connect to our distribution system
  • Use a clean or renewable resource as defined by the Clean Energy Act (such as solar, wind, hydro, etc)
  • Have an aggregate nameplate capacity of no more than 100 kW

Take a look at Rate Schedule – 1289 Net Metering Service [PDF, 322 KB] for further eligibility requirements

How to apply

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Latest updates

September 23, 2016
Projects in our Non-Integrated Areas:

BC Hydro will be performing a thorough technical review of all net metering applications received for projects located in our Non-Integrated Areas (NIA). Because the NIA systems are balancing a variety of resources against the load (including diesel, existing or proposed IPP renewable generation and new intermittent renewable energy via net netering) it will require a deeper and more detailed review of each individual net metering application to ensure that BC Hydro continues to provide reliable and cost-effective electricity to its NIA customers. BC Hydro strongly recommends that NIA customers do not purchase their generating equipment until their net metering application is accepted by BC Hydro.

November 15, 2015
Clarification on Rate Schedule 1289 "Net Metering Service" as it applies to our customers that chose to keep their legacy meters:

  • BC Hydro's Electric Tariff and Measurement Canada require that bi-directional meters be used for net metering purposes. Bi-directional meters are required for measuring both a customer's electricity inflow and outflow for net metering billing. Legacy meters are not bi-directional and we can't accept net metering applications from customers with a legacy meter.
  • Smart meters are the only bi-directional meters offered by BC Hydro to our customers. BC Hydro's Meter Choices program includes an option of a radio-off smart meter that meets the requirements of the net metering program. To have a legacy meter replaced with a smart meter, please contact the customer metering team at 1 800 409 8199, or by email.

Net metering stories, video

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