Net Metering Program

Electricity generation options for homes, businesses

Our net metering program is designed for residential and commercial customers who want to connect a small electricity generating unit to the BC Hydro distribution system. Generating units up to 100 kW in capacity that use a clean or renewable resource are eligible to participate in the program.

How net metering works: generation and consumption

Residential and commercial customers can connect a small electricity generating unit of up to 100 kW in capacity – so long as it is a clean or renewable resource – to the BC Hydro distribution system.

As a net metering customer with a smart meter, when you generate more electricity than you use, you receive a credit to your account that is applied against your future electricity use.

At your anniversary date, if you have an excess generation credit remaining on your account, BC Hydro will pay you at the published rate of 9.99 cents per kWh.

Read the information sheet [PDF, 604 KB] for the details on how net metering works and how to read your electricity bill.

Rate Schedule 1289 – Net Metering Service [PDF, 322 KB] is applicable to net metering customers.

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News and updates

We have some clarification on Rate Schedule 1289 "Net Metering Service" as it applies to our customers that chose to keep their legacy meters:

  • BC Hydro's Electric Tariff and Measurement Canada require that bi-directional meters be used for net metering purposes. Bi-directional meters are required for measuring both a customer's electricity inflow and outflow for Net Metering billing. Legacy meters are not bi-directional and we can't accept Net Metering applications from customers with a legacy meter.
  • Smart meters are the only bi-directional meters offered by BC Hydro to our customers. BC Hydro's Meter Choices program includes an option of a radio-off smart meter that meets the requirements of the Net Metering program. To have a legacy meter replaced with a smart meter, please contact the smart metering team at 1 800 409 8199, or email

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