Education & Employment

As an equal opportunity employer, we welcome applications from all qualified candidates for all positions. We also support the recruitment and development of Aboriginal employees with a dedicated strategy.

Skills and employment initiatives

BC Hydro works to ensure Aboriginal people get the skills they need to become employed directly with us or indirectly with our suppliers.

Training and skills upgrading programs are enhanced by experiential learning opportunities including:

  • Youth hire program
  • Pre-apprenticeship program
  • Apprenticeship programs
  • Co-op job and job-shadowing opportunities
  • Trade bursary program [PDF, 59 KB]

These programs help ensure that Aboriginal people learn about our work environment and are then able to choose a training path they're interested in. The Aboriginal Employment and Business Development team supports applicants and trainees to prepare for employment opportunities once training is complete.

How to apply

To apply for a job, first you should create an applicant profile here.

Once you've created your profile, book an appointment with our Aboriginal Program Advisor by calling 1 877 461 0161 and press #1 for employment.

Business development & support

In many areas of the province, Aboriginal-owned businesses are doing work for us or for our prime contractors. In many cases, these businesses could benefit from hands-on support through normal cycles of planning or growing.

Once these businesses are qualified to work within our systems or projects, the Aboriginal Employment and Business Development team can provide this support and, when appropriate, may help facilitate and broker relationships between suppliers and projects.

Register your business

For more information, see Aboriginal Procurement.

More information

For inquiries regarding the Aboriginal Employment and Business Development strategy, please call 1 877 461 0161 and press #1 for employment, or email